Anna-Lena Middeldorf

Anna-Lena Middeldorf – Nutrition

Anna-Lena Middeldorf is much loved by her patients thanks to her affective and empathetic attitude. She was born and raised in Dortmund, Germany and has lived in Mallorca since the age of 23. As a qualified Rehabilitation Educator specialized in Human Nutrition, she offers individualized and evidence-based nutritional counseling in German, English and Spanish.

She looks back on many years of collaboration with doctors from different specialties and one of the world’s most prestigious fertility clinics. Anna has the necessary resources and knowledge to gently support you in maintaining your physical and mental health. She eases you into the task of figuring out which dietary regimen meets your needs. She takes into account your lifestyle, preferences and possibilities and works with you to gradually transform your diet and lifestyle so that it not only suits you, but can also be integrated into your daily routine for the long term.

Anna supports you to:

  • gently improve your health by providing you with strategies for making manageable dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Gain clarity and confidence in your food choices.
  • integrate a conscious and intuitive approach to nutrition into your daily routine
  • reduce the emotional and physical symptoms of your conditions 
  • transform dysfunctional beliefs and habits

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