“Medicine with vocation,
inspired in the patient”


We are a Multipurpose Health Center, registered in the Registry of Health Centers, Services and Establishments under number 4969, which was born 19/09/2019 from a dream by Dr. Manuel Floyd responding to the need to offer a humanistic and holistic service within the General Medicine and the different medical specialties.

Dr. Manuel Floyd (Medical Director of FLOYDCLINIC) contributes
with his vocation of service to achieve an integrative medicine, where the patient does not feel atomized the valuation of their health, but every professional who attends them in our CLINIC, conceives them as a WHOLE, a huge UNIVERSE, UNIQUE AND UNREPEATABLE.

Our headquarters are located in the beautiful hotel zone of Cala Millor- Mallorca; it offers warm, transparent and welcoming facilities that invite the patient to live a rewarding experience for their health.

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Our Vision

To consolidate our position as a Multipurpose Healthcare Centre with an integral humanistic vision, leader in the Balearic Islands, through a model of care focused on the particularities of each patient, with a sustainable management approach due to the generation of trust, commitment and quality.

Our Mission

To offer our patients an integral service of General Medicine with the support of all medical specialties, taking into account all the spheres of the complex universe of each human being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual); generating improvements in the self-esteem of our society, with the commitment of our professionals to maintain in the line of time our three values: ethics, vocation and confidence.

Our Values

ETHICS: it is the branch of philosophy concerned with the rational study of morality, virtue, duty, happiness and good living. Within these five values that ethics studies; for FLOYDCLINIC virtue must stand out, defined as the professional’s disposition to act with good, truth, justice and beauty.

VOCATION: inspiration or interest that every professional of FLOYDCLINIC must have inside, to dedicate lovingly to a way of life, work or service.

CONFIDENCE: a feeling of security and familiarity that the FLOYDCLINIC professional must generate to the patient.

Likewise, from the Medical Direction in charge of Dr. Manuel Floyd (General Physician with Master in Direction), the main objective is that FLOYDCLINIC inspires and makes its professionals and collaborators fall in love, making them live our THREE human VALUES from the example of its founders and directors.

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