BTL Facial RadioFrequency

Radiofrequency consists of applying heat to the skin, creating resistance inside the tissues in the form of increased temperature.

Due to this heat received by the cells in charge of producing collagen, the fibroblasts are reactivated and thus their vital functions.

In other words, the heat that reaches them through facial radiofrequency stimulates the creation of new collagen fibers, responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

How many sessions should be done?
The sessions are usually done every 10-15 days and normally 4-6 sessions are needed in the facial area although we will see a flash effect from the first session, the results are cumulative and normally the treatment lasts 2-3 months.

Does it hurt?
It is obvious that as all the treatments per sessions need constancy, the patient will only notice a source of heat in the area that the waves are being applied, and will be accompanied by a tickling sensation at the beginning of the procedure that after about two minutes, the heat will be so pleasant that it will seem like a constant massage.

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