Hormone Therapy for Men

Men lose testosterone production from the age of 30 onwards at a rate of 1-2% each year. If we add to this habits such as smoking, medications, illnesses and other factors, testosterone levels drop to levels that favour the appearance of illnesses or their aggravation. Men who have very low testosterone are more likely to die from any cause.

Testosterone helps keep the body in balance and is also an anti-aging treatment.  It is a treatment with natural bioidentical hormone that is used in individualized doses, according to the age, weight, height and hormonal levels of each patient with subcutaneous implants (it is absorbed through the blood).

Among the benefits of maintaining adequate testosterone levels in men is maintaining sexual function, which is the main disturbance and concern of men who have disorders in the hormonal balance of testosterone. It also produces increased energy, muscle mass, decreased abdominal fat, improved heart and bone health, lowered levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol, regulated sleep and improved memory, mental and cognitive clarity.

This type of therapy has not been associated with an increased frequency of prostate cancer or any other serious pathology.

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