Revitalization and Facial Hydration

The technique used is facial mesotherapy, which consists of applying intradermal micro-injections of active ingredients such as multivitamin cocktail to which we add others according to the needs of each skin.

The effect achieved is to moisturize the skin in depth, stimulate the production of collagen and elastic, among others.

In. dications: Dehydrated skin, flaccidity, devitalized skin.

It can be mixed with AH (Hyaluronic Acid) for greater hydration, if the case is flaccidity we use substances such as organic silicon that stimulates the formation of collagen and elastic. Revitalize, hydrate and tone are its main functions.

Area: face, neck, neckline and hands.

Sessions: 1 session per month, for 3 months, repeat after 6 months and then maintenance.

Treatment time: 45 minutes

Pain level: Low

Recovery: Immediate

Visibility of improvement: From one week

Recommended season: All year round

Can be combined with other treatments: All

Precautions: Avoid intake of NSAIDs before treatment

Post-treatment care: Only general recommendations, avoid make-up and creams in the injection area immediately after the procedure.

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