Ozone Therapy


Why do Ozone Therapy?

  1. It is IMMUNOMODULATOR helping to control the immune response in the autoimmune diseases.
  2. It is GERMICIDAL, the most powerful that exists so it eliminates viruses, bacteria and mushrooms.
  3. It is ANTI-INFLAMMATORY AND ANALGESIC because it neutralizes the mediators of the pain.
  4. It is REGENERATING AND REVITALIZING achieving the recovery of tissues especially in degenerative diseases.
  5. It is OXYGENANT increasing the capacity to absorb and transport oxygen and improving circulation.
  6. It is ANTIOXIDANT stimulating antioxidant enzymes, delaying the aging and protecting the body from pathologies such as cancer, strokes and heart disease.

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Botox type A in Cala Millor

Type A Botox is a toxin utilized to relax the facial muscles that intervene in expression wrinkles located on the upper third of the face.

Type A Botox is a toxin utilized to relax the facial muscles that intervene in expression wrinkles located on the upper third of the face. Its action is to block the release of acetylcholine, thus inhibiting muscle contraction and thus producing relaxation.

In the upper third of the face are the dynamic wrinkles that mark our expression, it is here where we see its greatest effect.

It is my favorite treatment because of the impact of the improvement on our face, it will look fresher, relaxed and obviously younger without wrinkles or expression marks.

Where? Upper third of the face, between the eyebrows, forehead, tail of the eyebrow and crow’s feet.
Sessions: 2 to 3 times a year (depending on the patient)
Duration: 25 minutes
Pain level: Low
Recovery: Not required
Visibility of improvement: The effect starts from the third day.
Time of year: All year round
Cautions: On the day of application, avoid taking NSAIDs
General recommendations: Avoid sun exposure on the day of application, avoid sports, avoid heat on the face (hot bath, sauna, steam), do not sleep for the next 4 hours. Do not touch or massage the injection area, do not apply make-up immediately.
Can be combined with other treatments: All, some not in the same session.

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General Medicine

Doctor Manuel Floyd realizando una consulta de medicina general
Doctor Manuel Floyd médico general en consulta

General Medicine – FloydClinic

FloydClinic offers its General Medicine service parting from the traditional approach, where the doctor not only knows his patients from the disease, but rather seeks to understand them as human beings in all of their essence. To do this we have the experience of Dr. Manuel Floyd, who for over two decades has developed his model, serving different generations of both Majorcan and foreign families.

With a complete clinical history and questions addressed to the four pillars of the human being (Physical – Mental – Emotional – Spiritual), an empathic doctor-patient relationship is initiated, which is later strengthened with the intervention of the human team (different specialties or health professionals) of FloydClinic or other health centres.

The general practitioner integrates all the information obtained from the patient and begins to manage the patient’s needs, from calls to other specialists, family members or medical insurance, to home visits to get to know the patient’s environment.

The next stage is to manage the patient’s health from the point of view of prevention, with periodic controls and with the monitoring of good habits at the workplace, in the family unit, in sport or physical activity, and when it comes to food and rest.

All this would have no real value without scientific evidence; for this purpose the results are measured with scales, tests or laboratory analyses, in order to motivate the patient with his or her own effort.

“If someone wishes for good health, they must first ask themselves if they are ready to do away with the reasons for their illness. Only then it is possible to help them.” Hippocrates.

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Home Visit

Home visits in and around Cala Millor

The home visit was born at the bedside of the patient, and from its origin it had a biopsychosocial and spiritual connotation. This practice dates back to very ancient times, as shown by certain historical accounts; for example, Egyptian papyri over 2500 years old describe the following: “at home, after checking the patient, analysing the situation and consulting the gods, the doctor, before making a diagnosis, would declare it, and the family had to accept or reject what the doctor declared: this is an illness I know and will cure, or this is an illness I know and will not treat; or this is an illness I do not know and will not treat”. After this came a process of negotiating care. Home care is a service offered by FLOYDCLINIC to a family member in their own home with the purpose of providing support, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation. These actions are done according to a previous evaluation and a care plan that should be negotiated and agreed upon with the family and not imposed from the health team. The home visit allows the discovery of the whole universe of the patient, because it includes all of their context: where they live, with whom they live, the people, the relationships and the circumstances in which their mental happenings take place; in this context, it should always be remembered that it is one of the most invasive activities that health professionals can perform, which is why we must be very respectful and prudent during the visits.

Benefits of the home visit:

  • Improves health care
  • Increases family involvement and responsibility in the care process.
  • Improves the quality of life of the users.
  • It grants a sense of intimacy and well-being, since people feel that this type of personalized assistance is more humane.
  • Prevents domestic accidents thanks to the training we provide to the primary caregiver in fall prevention, medication supply, skin injury prevention, etc.
  • It prevents social isolation, motivating the family and carers to adapt to the patient’s situation and not the other way around.

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Dry Puncture

punción seca

Dry Puncture

It is a physical therapy technique in which we use needles similar to acupuncture to eliminate very localized contractures that we call myofascial trigger points. What is achieved with the needle is to destructure these trigger points and trigger a series of mechanisms that will help control pain and improve function. There are several modalities of BP, but the most commonly used technique is the “quick entry and exit” or “Hong technique”, by which we seek to insert the needle several times into the trigger point and provoke local spasm responses. Obtaining these spasm responses indicates that we are at the trigger point and that the prognosis will be good. Currents can also be applied to the needles (dry electro-puncture).

Dry puncture is especially indicated in patients with:

  • Cervicobrachialgia
  • Tension headaches (headaches)
  • Bruxism
  • Fiber breakage
  • Muscle, work or sports overloads
  • Epicondylitis
  • Pubalgia
  • Plantar fasciitis

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PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

tratamiento PRP

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

How do you obtain it? 
Through a sample of the patient’s blood, taken by venous puncture the same as a conventional analysis.

How is it applied?
The sample is centrifuged to separate the different components (red blood cells, growth factors and serum) of that result we take advantage of the growth factors, which we inject in the area to be treated, this can be face, neck, neckline, hands and scalp.

How does it work?
These factors promote proper tissue function where it is applied by stimulating a repair and regeneration response headline. 

What results can I expect?Improved skin quality, increased luminosity. At the scalp level, a decrease in hair loss is perceived, strengthening the hair and stimulating deficient follicles. 

Contraindications: Cannot be performed on patients with coagulation diseases, cancer, pregnancy, lactation, skin lesions to be treated among others.

How many sessions should I do? 1 every month minimum 4 sessions, at 3 and 6 months reminder and after one year repeat the treatment or maintenance.

Pre-treatment care: eat healthy 2 weeks before blood collection, so that the plasma is of better quality.

Wash the head on the day of treatment to come with clean hair.

Post-treatment care: in the case of PRP of scalp do not wash the hair after the procedure, at night put as a tonic the serum that will be taken from the consultation and the next day wash the head and use the other serum in the same way.

The other cases require general care when we perform injections, do not make up, touch or massage the area right away.

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Hormone Therapy in Women

dra Terapia hormonal

Hormone Therapy for Women

Hormone Therapy
in Women

Natural bioidentical hormone therapy is a therapy for menopause in which we have estradiol available in the body again (a hormone that is no longer produced and whose lack of production causes menopause) which means that all the pathologies that develop after menopause do not occur. The hormone we use is exactly the same as the one produced by the body, it is used in individualized therapy, this means that each patient has his or her own dose, which will depend on age, weight, height and hormone levels and is absorbed exactly the same (when put in the form of a subcutaneous implant, it is absorbed through the blood). 

This hormone will act on the organs, maintaining them, so it is also an anti-aging treatment. It also reduces the probability of suffering from osteoporosis, heart problems, hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia, Alzheimer’s disease, and it will remove the symptoms of menopause (if you have them) such as insomnia, irritability, depression, low sexual desire, vaginal dryness, etc. 

In addition, another hormone is applied, testosterone, a male hormone that we women start to lose since we are 20 years old and that at 40 we practically do not produce anymore. This hormone is that of energy, physical, mental and sexual, memory and mental clarity, so you will feel very active in all aspects. It is also vasodilatory, so it improves heart health and completes all the hormonal balance we need to continue with our hectic life.

This type of therapy has not been associated with a higher frequency of breast cancer or any other serious pathology.

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Hormone Therapy in men

Hormone Therapy for Men

Men lose testosterone production from the age of 30 onwards at a rate of 1-2% each year. If we add to this habits such as smoking, medications, illnesses and other factors, testosterone levels drop to levels that favour the appearance of illnesses or their aggravation. Men who have very low testosterone are more likely to die from any cause.

Testosterone helps keep the body in balance and is also an anti-aging treatment.  It is a treatment with natural bioidentical hormone that is used in individualized doses, according to the age, weight, height and hormonal levels of each patient with subcutaneous implants (it is absorbed through the blood).

Among the benefits of maintaining adequate testosterone levels in men is maintaining sexual function, which is the main disturbance and concern of men who have disorders in the hormonal balance of testosterone. It also produces increased energy, muscle mass, decreased abdominal fat, improved heart and bone health, lowered levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol, regulated sleep and improved memory, mental and cognitive clarity.

This type of therapy has not been associated with an increased frequency of prostate cancer or any other serious pathology.

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Lip augmentation and profiling


Lip Augmentation and profiling

The lips are the most delicate part of the face, since they do not generate sebaceous (fat) glands. For this reason they always need to be hydrated.

At FloydClinic we help you achieve more beautiful and hydrated lips with our star treatment of hyaluronic acid hydration.

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Aesthetic Rhinomodelation for You?

Rhinomodelation is an aesthetic treatment that is carried out with substances that are absorbable by the body with the aim of making small modifications to the nose and correcting various imperfections to obtain a balanced shape with the whole face, without the need for plastic surgery.

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