"Food is the cause and the cure for most diseases"


Are you seeking sustainable and healthy weight loss under expert medical guidance? At FloydClinic, under the leadership of Dr. Manuel Floyd, our founder and chief physician, we offer a collaborative and meticulously coordinated approach to managing obesity and overweight. Recognizing obesity as a complex condition, we provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where your well-being and holistic health are our primary focus.

Medical Leadership and Comprehensive Evaluation:
Dr. Floyd performs a detailed medical check-up, including a specific and comprehensive analysis tailored to weight management. This initial evaluation is crucial for customizing the treatment plan, addressing both nutritional imbalances and any medical conditions that may impact the weight loss journey.

Personalized Nutrition and Continuous Education:
Under Dr. Floyd's guidance, our nutrition advisor develops a dietary plan that targets weight loss while fostering a healthy relationship with food. Our method is designed to prevent body image deterioration and promote nutrition that respects your body and its needs.

Comprehensive Psychological Support:
Our psychologist, Tania Martínez, offers extensive emotional and psychological support, assisting patients in managing the emotional challenges often associated with weight loss. This support is essential to ensure that your treatment is as respectful and ethical as it is effective.

Advanced Treatment Options:
When clinically justified and when the patient meets the necessary criteria, Dr. Floyd may include advanced pharmacological treatments in the plan. Additionally, surgical options may be considered in collaboration with specialists at FloydClinic, if appropriate. Each treatment is customized to individual needs, ensuring a personalized approach that prioritizes the patient’s overall well-being.

Gynecology and Hormonal Management:
If overweight is linked to hormonal imbalances, particularly during menopause, our gynecology service can provide personalized hormone therapies. These therapies are designed to address hormonal issues and enhance weight management outcomes.Patient Decision and Ethics at the Center:
We deeply respect your decisions and empower you to take control over your treatment, ensuring that each step of the process is comfortable and aligns with your personal preferences.

Ready to start your journey to a healthier life in Cala Millor? At FloydClinic, your health and well-being are our mission. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in achieving your health goals in a comprehensive and personalized manner.

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